Peter Kinyanjui

Peter Kinyanjui


From: Mathare, Nairobi

Interview date & place: 30 March 2016, Nairobi

Interviewed by: Kate Lines

Original language: Swahili

My name is Peter Kinyanjui, from Kiambu district. I have lived in Mathare for more than 20 years.

I used to carry out small simple jobs which allowed me to make a living, until I secured a job at Mathare mental hospital.

In 2007 we formed Muungano to address the challenges we were facing. Now, we have been able to improve our lives through engaging in different activities, such as selling water. And now we have plans to purchase a piece of land.

Before, there were many of us in the group, but now we are just a few. However, we are still able to do something.