Kenyan federation of slum dwellers

Muungano wa Wanavijiji is a social movement of 'slum' residents and urban poor people in Kenya. We believe that slum upgrading is possible, but only where communities themselves are at the centre of their development.


When more than half a city's people live in locations they have no rights to, without safe water or toilets, the solution cannot just be to have more projects—housing, water, or health. It must be about getting these residents involved in improving their neighbourhoods.


Muungano is made up of local groups from cities and towns across the country—we are a network of community-based organisations, organised groups, informal markets, squatters, and urban poor people. Around 100,000 people in nearly 1000 groups, together we fight for the land and housing rights of many millions in Kenya. Muungano wa wanavijiji means 'united slum dwellers' in Kiswahili, and is a shared identity across many communities in Kenya and East Africa.

We seek to improve slums, and integrate them into the city fabric, working with partners in academia, government, and civil society. And we work to influence national policy for urban development.

We believe that slum communities should be at the centre of city and national development. We know that our unity is our strength.

We are affiliated with SDI, the biggest grassroots movement in the world.