Michael Kanayu

Michael Kanayu


From: Matopeni, Mombasa

Interview date & place: 1 April 2016, Mombasa

Interviewed by: Joseph Kimani

Original language: Swahili

How did you first get involved in Muungano?

My name is Michael Kanayu, a member of Muungano. I am among those who have benefited from the movement. Before, I used to live in a rundown house, but through Muungano I was able to meet Mama Mariam, who assisted me. I was introduced to Muungano, where I got help in building my house, and now I live comfortably.

What are your hopes for Muungano’s next 20 years?

Right now, I am grateful for what Muungano has accomplished in its twenty years. Now, as we soldier on, in the next twenty years I would like us to educate more people about Muungano and about the benefits of Muungano, including our children and youth. I would like us to own our own pieces of land, which will enable us to improve our lives. So we would like Muungano to step in and devise ways to help us achieve our goals. We are grateful for what they have done so far and we hope they will keep up their efforts.