Peaceful protest, Wednesday 8 August, from 8am Freedom Corner, Nairobi



Say no to forced evictions. Following the recent evictions in Nairobi's slums that have left thousands homeless, come and join Muungano wa Wanavijiji and slum dwellers for a peaceful demonstration to demand the government #StopForcedEvictions

Wednesday 8 August 8am Freedom Corner, Nairobi.

Our KYC TV team will be documenting. Follow on Facebook and Twitter @wanavijiji 


Over 0.9 million Kenyans living in the slums risk being displaced by the state through ongoing forced evictions that 'aim at making Nairobi an international city'. Presently, 2.5 million Nairobians live in informal settlements. They are women, children, men, boys, girls, small scale traders and entrepreneurs — and above all human beings. Their homes are constructed on riparians, railway reserves and under high voltage power lines. Those living here understand they face risks. But the solution is not evictions. Muungano wa Wanavijiji federation knows there are other, better ways – solutions that are humane and inexpensive, and the effectiveness of which is demonstrated throughout the SDI. network. 


Come join Muungano Wa Wanavijiji in tomorrow's peaceful demonstration calling for the evictions to stop and for the Kenyan government to seek alternatives ways to forced evictions of dealing with these issues.


Words: Joseph Kimani