Sierra Leone Profiling Report

On the 7th of June, 2014, the Kenya SDI affiliate  team  traveled to Sierra Leone of a profiling mission. The team  had a joint meeting with the CODOHSAPA, FEDURP and representatives from the Ministry of Lands at the CODOHSAPA offices. The purposes of the meeting was deliberating on the preparations made, settlements mobilized for data collection, the approach to be adopted, finalizing on the work plan and the data needs. CODOHSAPA’s mission is to create space and opportunity through facilitation for the transformation of lives of poor people in deprived communities. This mission is pursued through the following programme thrust: settlement planning and upgrading; environmental sanitation and management; livelihood and reproductive health support; capacity building and empowerment; advocacy and governance; and, research and communications.FEDURP is the Federation of the Urban and Rural Poor with a mission to mobilize the poor in deprived communities to actively and meaningfully participate in their own development initiatives and processes. FEDURP’s philosophy is based on three pillars: collecting people through group mobilization; collecting money through daily and periodic savings; and, collecting information through settlement profiling, mapping and enumeration. This is justified that these three elements: people, money and information are key resources for negotiating and lobbying. Below is the detailed profiling report